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The path of yoga is a life-long journey which opens the toolbox of self-healing and mindful awareness.

In order to live in balance, the science of yoga demands that we examine the root causes of our discomforts and illnesses, and begin from the source. It is at the source that we find our connection with the infinite nature of our being, and are able to recognize all external obstacles as opportunities for growth and evolution.

My yoga asana practice evolves as my body and life changes. As a college graduate, I gravitated toward the gymnastic method of Ashtanga Yoga, and delighted in the strength, poise and accuracy I developed in my body. As a mother, I rediscovered the subtle healing energies of yoga to improve everyday life.

My root teacher, Rogelio Chapa, E-RYT 500, invited me to attend his yoga teacher training course and I spent 6 months discovering the philosophy and practice of the 8 limbs of Classical yoga.

Ayurvedic studies with Douchka Lecot of Yana Shala completely changed my approach to everyday health and acute illness.

After moving to Portland, I completed an additional 200 hour RYT course with Denise Payne of One Song Yoga. I honor the lineage of my teachers and the opportunity to study with yogis such as Amy Armstrong, Paul Grilley, Molly Lannon Kenny, Leigh Drake, EB Ferdig, Sweethome Teacup, Sarah Trelease.

I bring to my classes a sense of humor and inclusion, inviting every student to adapt this practice to their individual needs, and explore the deeper layers of yoga through discussion and exploration of mudras, meditation, mantra and self-inquiry.

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