Solinsky EyeCare – Website Project

Project: Website Development + SEO Strategy

My Role: Account Management / UX Strategy & Design

Agency: WebForDoctors

Phase One: Prototyping - UX Strategy

A longstanding client of WebForDoctors, the team at Solinsky EyeCare, LLC decided to invest in a responsive site that would improve engagement and highlight their active content strategy.

The new website addresses all the common questions and concerns of their patient base with a thoughtful and detailed UX and content strategy.

Phase Two - Technical scope UX project

Functional SEO
Functionality – Mobile and Desktop Testing Ensure Accuracy of website internal links, external links and with citation best practices. Site-wide grammar & punctuation checks for every page, with media and video player testing.
Site Wide SEO Homepage and internal pages updated with accurate title tag and description and applicable keywords. Images and logos are identified with accurate alt tags.
Driving Directions 3-4 nearby towns per location with google map charting driving directions
User Experience Improvements Readability features, text-resizing feature, site-based search engine, a site map for usability and SEO. Downloads for applicable software, such as Adobe Reader or Flash Player.
Style and Social Updates Add Linked In to social icons, increase consistency for website colors and fonts. Add full width header image to body of interior pages to improve SEO. Improve white-space balance and readability for mobile devices.
Content Improvements
Layout & Design Within body content, create visual balance of text, short paragraphs, graphics, white space.
Photo Gallery Collect 10-15 full width image choices for purchase to update the interior pages.**
Stock Purchases Photos must be selected and purchased
Slider Narrative Create 4 seasonal sliders with focus on services, accolades, business narrative
Content Organization Emphasize organization of services, specialities, all offerings:

Phase Three - QA / UX Project

The client reported an increase of Patient Portal logins which increased administrative efficiency and produced increased positive business reviews online.

Social Media engagement expanded, as featured events and services aligned closely with the already well branded content available to audiences.

Improved SEO will assist future patients in discovering the Solinsky brand online.

Social sharing, services, stories and testimonials were integrated with the desktop and mobile headers, along with intuitive navigation and a seamless site map.

The Result: professional and modern online presence to match the experience and prestige of the practice.

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