Seeking Authentic Content: Playing the Long Game

Seeking Authentic Content

It’s not really magic.

The beauty of content marketing is converting your audience to customers. Following a methodical approach produces the kind of relevant content that builds trust and lasting relationships for a brand.

Creating the content is not the first goal.

This is hard advice to follow! Researching audiences, creating a plan, maintaining your organization tactics and above all, consistency is the path to connecting your business goals with your editorial calendar.

One of the easiest pitfalls is hiring a company that doesn’t invest in research.

Spending the time to figuring out exactly what to write, who to target, what questions to answer, which keywords to focus on and the right calls-to-action is essential.

Business Owners are the Expert.

Don’t waste time and money! Any agency or SEO specialist that is worth their mustard will invest in discovering a business’s soul, found within their instincts and storytelling. This level of insight that is revolutionary in marketing.

Think like a publisher.

The latest buzzword is Brand Journalism. When you can identify the following:

  • Set of ideal customers.
  • What is the most important information for them to know.
  • How to deliver that information in a relevant and authentic way.
  • Build a level of trust that encourages relationships and eventually, customer loyalty.

That’s the essence of content marketing.

The path from simply receiving content to making a purchase is a long road. However, with rock solid relationships, customers develop a sense of loyalty which in turn, creates long lasting customers.

This is essentially how I perceive the creation of brand ambassadors. Rather than paying someone to represent a business, the content that is created and shared is so compelling, that customers share targeted content and recommend products and services.

In the end, being authentic is an expectation that is standard in marketing today. Consumers are experiencing the dramatic difference between a gimmick and a relevant story. If a content campaign isn’t adding value, audiences will not believe the message. Avoid the pitfalls of consumer disconnection, and allowing your message to be ignored.

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