Marketing Strategist

Alice Puckett Creative - Marketing ManagerI strive to grow, learn, invest, and contribute meaningfully: After nearly 10 years in marketing and communications, my range of experience highlights my adaptability, creative thought process, and determination to succeed.

I am relentlessly curious. A champion of new ideas and strategy. I thrive in a collaborative environment that includes internal and external teams. I communicate with compelling clarity, and always maintain awareness of the best interests for those around me.

In order to achieve client success, I investigate the root of a creative request in order to determine the most effective approach to meet the needs of the end user, timeline, and budget.

My experience with detailed needs analysis amplifies my strength as a consultant and advocate for my clients. I clearly define the goals of each assigned creative project and communicate to cross-functional teams.

I personally ensure that all assigned projects meet the objectives, standards and quality required by the client’s brand expectations. I pro-actively anticipate issues and identify contingency plans to address and avoid crisis. I own the quality of all assigned projects. I deliver.

Above all, I am a process-oriented researcher who refuses to give up and always strives to make a meaningful impact for business owners and teams.


“Always passionate about her work, Alice was a joy to work with and always a calming force in a very hectic work environment. Her creative voice is very strong and she connected well with what clients goals are and made them come to life through creative.”
– Rachel Adams  |  Sales Executive –, 2009

“While working with Alice, I have always been impressed with her unique and creative style. Alice is a student of life – genuinely curious about the world around her, she never stops learning. The best part is her instincts to share that knowledge for the betterment of the team. Alice is a true gem.

– Rachel Sample  |  Executive Director, Street Yoga 2013

“Alice maintains a professional and friendly atmosphere about her and those with whom she collaborates. It’s been extremely encouraging to work with her on a daily basis.”
– Kenley Capps |  Developer – Level Ten Interactive, 2007

“Alice has a keen eye for design and is always working to learn more about her process and the process of people around her. She’s an asset to any team and is always willing to go the extra mile.”
– Nicholas Cook  |  Front-End Developer – Level Ten Interactive, 2008