Give Campaign 2012: Street Yoga

The 2012 Annual Give Campaign reached over 2,000 households, 6,000 email subscribers, 8,000 Twitter followers and over 4,000 Facebook fans. The 2012 fundraising goal achieved by the generous supporters in our world-wide community was incredible and heart-warming.

I led the content strategy, managed production and provided all creative designs. The marketing assets that I created included: email campaigns, social media strategy, Facebook advertising, printed letters and non-profit bulk mailing.

The event was supported by an amazing board of directors, and our staff committed an incredible amount of time and talent to recruiting event volunteers, local business sponsors and donors, selling tickets and organizing an amazing silent auction.

Donor Appeal Letter:

Give Campaign - Annual Appeal - 2012 - Outside

Give Campaign - Annual Appeal - 2012 - Inside

Additional Materials:

Facebook Cover Graphic

Street Yoga Give Campaign 2012 Facebook

Official Poster:

Street Yoga Give Campaign 2012 Poster


Banners: Facebook Advertising + E-Newsletter Materials

Street Yoga Give Campaign 2012 - Square banners

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