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In the summer of 2015, I consulted with the small but mighty marketing team at Cleanse Tec. Collaborating locally with the project manager, I supported her efforts to improve the family business through inbound marketing efforts.

Managed: PPC, SEO, Analytics, Content Strategy, Production Team.

Aligned efforts and communication with long-standing regional sales team. Created weekly reporting system and guidebook for handoff to internal marketing team.


For over 37 years, Cleanse Tec has provided service to New York’s finest establishments. When you walk into a Cleanse Tec maintained restaurant, hotel, or industrial cleaning facility, the fact is, you’ll never know. You will never see the avoided emergencies, the almost failed inspections, or any other disasters, because Cleanse Tec is the proven expert in the service and lease of dish machines, industrial cleaning equipment, product supply and installation design…



1. Start from the Ground Up
As ordinary people pass by your restaurant, they are transformed into potential patrons. The first experience of your storefront in the busy urban cityscape is where their feet land, the smells they experience, and the visual effects of your standard of cleanliness.

As you can see in our City Sidewalk Cleaner Videos, sanitation workers often drag refuse and greasy bags across the public sidewalk to be loaded into garbage trucks.


Blog Header: Elevate Sidewalk Dining

Clean Sidewalks Create Curb Appeal.
Spring time means warmer weather. Warmer weather means foot traffic. People are out and about. This time of year gives your restaurant the opportunity to attract more people!

If you can, make your patio dining visible to pedestrians and people driving by. Depending on your establishment type, you may want to offer an outdoor bar and put in an extra server’s station outside. In addition, a patio dining area typically includes the following…



New machine, new headaches?
Buying a new product is great, especially when it is something your business needs. Sure, many business owners can relate to the excitement of having a shiny new machine in their store that will make everything more efficient. At least that is how you feel on the first day. What about 3 months down the road, or a year? Is your machine still in tip-top shape? Do your employees thoroughly know how to use it? Do you have new employees that need training so your machine doesn’t get damaged? Do you have time for these headaches? That would be a definite NO!



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