Audience Activation – M1 Podcast

My Role: Graphic Design, Content Writing, Social Media Strategy, Publishing, Engagement, Measurement + Analytics

Goal: Guest Audience Activation to Build the Mobile First Community, create inbound traffic and market awareness for Emerge.

Deliverables: Every guest is provided a comprehensive Social Media Kit which includes:

  • Episode landing page
  • Full audio mp3
  • 15 Sec soundbite teaser mp3
  • 30 Sec soundbite teaser mp3
  • Episode graphic (square) + Social Graphic (rectangle)
  • Shownotes & Highlighted Resources
  • Social Media messaging templates and hashtags

As we move into cross-promotional strategy, I lead the research into our guest’s audience and identify key influencers, inviting them to listen, share, and engage with our guest’s message. We coordinate audience activation with our guest’s PR team.

We’ve been fortunate to broadcast to nearly 12,000 unique listeners as of this month and see steady growth with every episode added. The spikes in our listenership aligns with our guests who coordinate a cross-promotional strategy and build engagement with the audience. We’ve seen over 2,000 listens for those episodes, whereas the initial organic downloads start at 30-40 unique listeners when an episode is first published.

We syndicate every episode, meaning all episode publish to dozens of podcast platforms and remain indefinitely on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and Every new subscriber is exposed to our previous episodes, exponentially increasing the reach of each episode with every passing month.

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